Winter Interior Design Trends 2018

Winter Interior Design Trends 2018

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Ready or not, winter is just about here and it’s time to talk winter decor trends. 2018 was an eclectic year for interior design trends. From earth tone paint, faux fur blankets, and handmade Boho to leather elements, natural warmth is the focus. The popularity of Danish “hygge” is still going strong, as is contrasting texture and vintage Scandinavian design and aesthetic. Take a look at Arhaus’ favorite trends as we welcome winter.

Faux Fur Throws and Luxurious Blankets

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If you live where temperatures dip below the 50s, you understand the importance of high quality, warm blankets and throws. There’s nothing quite like coming out of the cold at the end of the day to enjoy a little warmth and comfort. Standard blankets work but there’s something so satisfying about high quality faux fur.

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Get the luxury of fur minus the ethical concerns. Not only are faux fur throws comfortable, they’re also great eye catching pieces for interior design. They also line up perfectly with current winter interior decor trends. Check out these faux fur throws and consider adding one to your home. The best part is that these throws fit in with almost any design aesthetic.

Neutral and Shaded Palettes

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While bold paint and color palettes have their place, neutral is big this winter. One great example is the shades of gray palette. Going from rich charcoal to very light gray can add a tremendous amount of definition to any space. Pops of color are fine, but stick to complimentary. Also popular is the faded pastel pink shades, which works in the many forms of pink from salmon to pink tinged off-white. Balance it with metallic details and darker wood.

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Another great option is the olive green, off-white, and wood palette. This combines rich olive greens with complimentary cream or off-white, and natural wood finish. Using just these three colors you can make any space highly defined, sophisticated, and stunning. An off-white textured duvet cover with olive green sham pillows and a green throw blanket on a wooden bed frame is one example. While there are endless color palette to choose from, these are the eye catchers that will transform your home.

Wood Tone Elements

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This season pale, natural wood elements are in demand. In keeping with the warm, natural theme, raw or natural wood tables, side tables, coffee tables, and other items bring nature indoors. Aim for items that lack an overly dark or unnatural finish.

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Too much stain and shine can be overwhelming and, let’s face it, sometimes resembles cheap veneer. We like light wood tone and tactile textures. It’s wise to include wood elements sparingly and if using multiple woods, stick to complementary tones. Too many different wood shades make spaces too busy and it can be hard to develop your aesthetic if that’s the case.

Boho Chic

Free-wheeling, maximal Boho style seems to just keep on producing eclectic, stunning interiors that contrast colors and pattern, textiles, wall hangings, and so much more. While the full out Boho decor style can get a little unwieldy, we recommend incorporating some of its core elements into your home and living spaces. We love the contrasting textures and working knit and woven items like baskets, iconic 70s hanging plant holders, and detailed fringe throw pillows of the Boho aesthetic. Like the other interior design trends on this list, these Boho components are versatile and blend well into most homes. Add some pops of textile and intricate textures into your living room to achieve a slight Boho feel.


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There’s no direct English translation for the Danish word “Hygge,” but it can best be understood as a feeling of cosiness and warmth that certain interiors or moments evoke. Most of the trends in this list can fall under this category by accident.

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Hygge is all about creating an interior vibe of warmth and comfort during cold winter days and nights. It’s an aesthetic as much as it is a mindset and a complete Scandinavian lifestyle. It’s no wonder the Danes invented the hygge concept with the region’s extended polar nights. Hygge as an aesthetic relies on earth tones, raw wood, fur and other natural materials, and anything else that creates a warm feel. At this point it goes without saying that if you want hygge, you need candles. Lots of candles. By following the trends in this piece, you’re essentially achieving hygge. Faux fur throws, raw wood, and textiles all work. Consider adding several candles into your various home spaces to add perfect, warm light. But be careful–open flame is always hazardous.

Leather and Natural Materials

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Leather elements including sofas, chairs, and other furniture bring an additional warm, natural feel to any space. You don’t want to go overboard but a few selected leather items really bring detail to your living space. Weathered leather is especially useful, as it brings more patina and lived-in appeal to the home. Stick to leather that looks authentic and opt for lighter tones and low shine leather. There is no substitute for luxurious leather seating when it comes to comfort but like faux fur throws, it’s also a major statement piece that draws the eye and solidifies a room’s design and decor.

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