Tips for Extending Your Patio Season

Tips for Extending Your Patio Season

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Just because you’ve put away the swimsuits and beach umbrellas doesn’t mean it’s time to hunker down indoors. There’s still plenty of time to hang out with the grill friends on the patio! Here are some tips for extending your patio season into the fall, and even the winter season.


Fireplace or Pit

 Heat things up with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. A fire will also add light, so you can use your patio well after sunset. Whether you choose a gas or wood fire pit, it’s sure to be a gathering place for your guests. A fire adds to the ambiance of your backyard and adds a touch of sophistication. If you’re fluent in s’mores code, there’s something to be said for roasting marshmallows all year long. You can also build your own, although some cities require you to get a permit.

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Speaking of lighting it up, add string lights or some low energy LED and solar lights to the yard. Lights allow you to show off your landscaping and add a measure of safety. Pathway lights leading to the patio are decorative and help people see where they’re going.

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This is a great time to update your patio furniture with fall color. Warm things up with padded seats and awnings. Add a group of swivel chairs, a cozy daybed, or Montego outdoor chaise, and you may never want to go inside again! Make sure you get some outdoor furniture covers so you can keep everything on the patio throughout the year.

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Shrubs and flowering plants will add color to your yard and patio through the fall and winter. Holly and Christmas rose are perfect winter plants for colder areas. Snowdrop is a good choice for the South. If you like classic fall colors, think chrysanthemums in deep burgundy and burnt orange. These look amazing in stylish containers around your patio.


Patio Covers

A gazebo is great as it provides protection from the wind, rain, and snow. Setting up overhead covers is a lot easier than it used to be. Umbrellas protect you from the sun in the summer, and an awning will come in handy all year. 

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Accessories such as candles, blankets, and outdoor rugs will keep things cozy even on the coldest evenings. They’ll also make your patio more inviting. Pick a couple of stylish blankets to match. Store them with some throw pillows in an outdoor ottoman or chest. Light some candles in the evening to shed some light on your design.

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 Don’t give up enjoying time outside on your patio simply because of the calendar—not when you can extend the patio season to last all year long.


Shelly Ruddle

Shelly is a fresh-air enthusiast whose passion is decorating outdoor living spaces. Her patio includes an outdoor kitchen, pergola and enough seating to entertain the neighborhood. She lights up her garden at night to show off her native plants and flowerbeds.

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