Holiday Greenhouse Tour + Decorating Tips

Holiday Greenhouse Tour + Decorating Tips

Sometimes all you need is a change of greenery. 😉🌲Kathy Rich of @R.House__ transformed her beautiful greenhouse into an oasis, perfectly capturing the essence of the holidays. She’s sharing a few tips on how to decorate any space for the season, best practices, and how to make your home feel the coziest during this time of the year.


A few steps outside her home, Kathy’s greenhouse is her creative space and her great escape. For Kathy, designing doesn’t just happen overnight. Over time, she carefully selects each piece of decor, creating an inspiring and welcoming space for her to complete her work.

“Pick and choose your decor carefully, being mindful to not put out everything you own.  You want to avoid clutter and create focal points by using unique items.” —Kathy Rich

Sometimes the ‘less is more’ approach can be more work than ‘more is more’…especially when it comes to holiday decor! Use the process of elimination to help minimize clutter in the space you’re decorating. This is essential when decorating for the season since we all have the natural tendency to fill up a space with new and old decor.


Don’t be afraid to deck the halls with eucalyptus, olive, and other natural greens that are reflective of the season. Incorporating garland, wreaths, and swags immediately give the space a festive look.

“On top of decorating the space with Arhaus live greenery, I added in dried botanicals from my garden because that’s what my landscape looks like right now. This was the best way to tie my greenhouse back to the surrounding space.”



Light a few candlesticks at dusk and watch your space instantly transform into a cozy retreat. On top of just creating a cozy space, incorporating warm lighting will give off a romantic feel, creating an atmosphere you’ll never want to leave.

“Incorporating candles and warm lighting makes a space feel comfortable and welcoming. Avoid lighting that casts blue hues.”

About The Designer

Kathy Rich—R.House

Kathy Rich is an interior designer based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Kathy is a self-proclaimed homebody who enjoys working on design projects with her husband.  Kathy believes you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create the spaces you imagine—just dream big and work hard.

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