Great Expectations: My Experience Ordering a Custom Sectional Online

Great Expectations: My Experience Ordering a Custom Sectional Online

Last fall, I ordered the Outerbanks Sectional from Arhaus in a beautifully textured blue and cream checked fabric called Ponder Lakeland, and it was delivered just a few days after Christmas. Leading up to the delivery, I had the usual feelings that come with ordering such a substantial, important piece of furniture on the internet. I’ve ordered things from Arhaus before, so I felt very confident about the quality… but I still felt anxious. The day of delivery finally arrived my nerves were instantly calmed. The sectional fit great in my room, the check pattern looked amazing, and it was even more comfortable and higher quality than I thought it could be.

signed, sealed, delivered

I’ve had a few pieces of Arhaus furniture delivered over the years, and the delivery service they use is top-notch. The workers are careful, considerate, and make sure you’re happy with the placement of the piece before they leave. One of the gentlemen even remembered he had delivered an Arhaus piece to my home once before.

I sat down on a section of the sofa while they were carrying in another piece and I couldn’t help but smile. The cushion made that soft sound that only down can make, but the cushion was also supported by foam. The softness of down with the structure of foam? It’s the best of both worlds.

I was thrilled with every detail of the sectional—the turned legs, the nailhead trim, the piping, and the challenging checked pattern that lined up perfectly. It is truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and, as someone who does upholstery, I was in awe. Even the places that can sometimes be awkward, like where the corners meet in the back, were neat and sharp.

 the ultimate in comfort

The comfort of this piece is something I don’t just want to mention in passing. This sofa is seriously comfortable and I’m not the only one in the house who thinks so. The boys were sitting on it as the delivery guys were still bringing in pieces and putting it together. When Jeff first sat on it, he raised his eyebrows and simply said, “Wow.” The most coveted spot is the corner, where you can cozy up to the back cushions and stretch your legs out. We often sit on the sofa together as a family, playing a game or just hanging out, and it’s absolutely perfect.

The sofa came with three throw pillows that are beautifully made as well. Sometimes pillows that come with a sofa seem like a “throwaway” bonus, filled with cotton batting and made out of random fabric, but that’s not the case with Arhaus. These throw pillows are full, yet soft, and are as well-made as the sectional. I ended up using them on my accent chairs that flank our fireplace and I love how they look there.

the perfect mix of patterns

The thing I like best, though, is how well the sectional works in the entirety of our living room and the adjoining rooms. Over a year ago, I upholstered some craigslist chairs in a similar pattern, so there were already pieces in the space that would match perfectly. But, would it prove to be too much buffalo check? Is there even such a thing? The answer is no, because it’s perfect. It’s obviously intentional, but it doesn’t feel overdone, especially since there are other patterns introduced.

I think another key to the buffalo check working so well is that there are plenty of quiet spaces in the room, so the eye isn’t overwhelmed. My built-ins, for example, are monochromatic, and the walls are a quiet color. Despite using a pattern on the focal point and the curtains, it doesn’t look busy together.

When decorating a room, I like to take a balanced approach. Choose a few investment pieces and select a few things you can create yourself. I can save money by sewing my own curtains, DIYing all the paint, and buying the majority pieces secondhand. Then, I can splurge on one or two quality pieces, like a custom-made sectional that can be used for decades.  

You can read more about customizing a sofa HERE and my thought process behind selecting the buffalo check, Ponder Lakeland, fabric HERE.

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