Going From Crib To Bed With Arhaus

Going From Crib To Bed With Arhaus

Written by City Girl Gone Mom

Sure, I’ve been through this transition three times already, but nothing prepares a mom for when they’re going through the same changes one last time with their youngest child. Your baby will always be your baby! It was hard for me to come to terms with Brody being ready to switch from a crib to a bed but let me tell you, it’s been so easy to love the look of his room and still get that feeling of him being my baby thanks to these pieces from Arhaus!

A Big Boy Bed with Style & Function

Arhaus’ furniture has never let our family down in style or function and it only made sense to carry this brand into Brody’s bedroom and our next step in life. When shopping for his new bed, I wanted a few things: durability, functionality and of course, a piece that gave Brody his big-boy bed feeling and me, the feeling of him still being my baby.

The Tremont Storage Bed with Brass Handles had everything I was looking for—built-in storage, a craftsman’s touch and the opportunity to use this bed for years until he starts to grows tall like Bobby.

Big Kid Bed with Storage

Arhaus must have thought of every mom when designing this twin-size bed! The built-in drawers at the bottom of the bed make for a perfect T-shirt or pajama drawer. It was craftsman-built using solid hardwood which means your child can open and close the drawers as much as they want and jump on and off without fear of damaging the bed!

The dark-colored wood can fit into any children’s room no matter boy, girl, themed or not. I was able to make Brody’s room feel cozy and cute by using neutrals, texture and patterns throughout! Just because he’s a little boy doesn’t mean he should get weaker furniture or have to stick to blues and dinosaurs. The Tremont Storage Bed with Brass Handles allowed me to have my hand in decorating and it doesn’t stop there!

Pairing His Big Boy Bed with The Perfect Night Stand

The transition from crib to bed doesn’t just mean a new bed, it means new accent pieces, too! Luckily, Arhaus has crafted the perfect bedside furniture to complete the look. I love the rustic theme in Brody’s room and it only made sense to pair his new bed with a nightstand and lamp to complement it.

Placing the Tremont Nightstand with Brass Handles next to his bed carries the look by adding a hint of maturity without being a piece that takes up too much room allowing Brody to still have plenty of play space. Sitting on top is the Laughton Desk Lamp in Bronze, the necessary addition to check-off that I’ve followed the rules of three in interior design and to give Brody an extra warm light in his room. The smaller round base makes it the perfect size for the Tremont Nightstand and the sleek stem adds an airy and bright contrast to the dark wood.

The Perfect Mattress for His Big Boy Bed

There’s nothing better than knowing my kids are tucked safely in their beds and it’s always important that I add finishing touches of comfort and coziness to each room of our house. Brody’s new room not only looks good, but he sleeps good, too! Arhaus’ Retreat Plush Mattress helps my baby sleep through the night with less tossing and turning as it hugs his body with its sink-in, plush and cotton material.

Arhaus continues to make comfort cute and functional with their Frost Tibetan Wool Throw which gives an effortless draped look when placed on a freshly-made bed and also gives Brody something soft and warm to bundle up under at night.

If your little one is ready to make the same transition mine just did, make sure to embrace this transition and have some fun with it by using high-quality furniture and cute accents like these ones at Arhaus! The best part about being a mom is watching your children grow so why not give them the best room to grow up in? Speaking of, I should probably go make Brody’s bed now.


Danielle Lucia Schaffer—City Girl Gone Mom

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