Fresh Ways to Decorate with Plants this Spring

Fresh Ways to Decorate with Plants this Spring

Plants have a way of making a room feel cozy. Not only do they (literally) bring a house to life, they make the space feel complete. This spring, we’re loving the pairing of recycled glass terrariums, jugs, and cylinders with plant life. Each vessel creates a mini-ecosystem and is especially beneficial for plants that need higher humidity levels to thrive. All you need is moss, soil, a handful of pebbles, and your plant baby to bring a glass home to life.


Terrariums are a low-maintenance, space-efficient way to grow the plants you love indoors. They allow us to create fresh mini-landscapes that can be used for decor throughout the home. Terrariums generate a relaxing atmosphere quality for concentration, so it can be beneficial to place them on your desk or around your office as decor.

Domes and Cloches

Glass domes and cloches are mini enclosed environments that once created, mimic an actual ecosystem. Inside domes or cloches, plants do not require frequent watering like the usual house plant, making for low-maintenance plant care. This spring, use dome and cloche decorations on a dining room or coffee table for a unique display that adds natural elements into your space.

Glass Cylinders and Vases

Decorating with glass cylinders or vases contributes beautiful and bright texture to any space. Using plants to garnish inside the glass helps connect the outdoors and home. Glass cylinders placed on your kitchen shelving, counter, or island can enhance spring decor in a fresh and elegant way.


  1. Hey Andrea! To create your own terrarium or glass indoor plant home, you want to fill the bottom with pebbles and some activated charcoal to keep it fresh and fight off bacteria. After, you simply add a layer of potting soil! We hope this helps 🙂

  2. Andrea L McNairy says:

    I’d like to know how to recreate these. With the airy fern. What is layered on the bottom? Under the moss?

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