Farm to Vase: Bringing Fresh Flowers to Any Space

Farm to Vase: Bringing Fresh Flowers to Any Space

Next time you are at your local farmers market, be sure to check out the fresh flowers grown by local farmers. These simple accents can add tons of personality to any space and are also great for the community, benefiting everyone from the growers to the florist, and most especially you.

Flowers bought locally tend to last much longer, are free of chemicals, and have a freshness making their fragrance much stronger than anything bought in a store. Also, if you continue to stop by the market season after season, you’ll get to see the diversity of the seasonal varietals. Each season has its own smell, colors, and feeling. Autumn is warmer, winter feels cozy, spring can’t help but make you feel fresh, and summer is vibrant.
Here are a few tips for when you’re wandering your local market or stopping by the florist to help choose which flowers to purchase.

Summer Flowers

Zinnias are a lovely alternative to dahlias.  They normally cost less, last longer, and the giant variety can be just as big and have the same unique colors.

Lisianthus is a great alternative to roses.  Their vase life can be over a week.

Image source: @wildfoxandflower

When your gladiolus blooms begin to wilt, pick them off the stem and the flowers will continue to bloom up.  This will extend the flower’s vase life.

Image source: @wildfoxandflower

If your globe amaranth and statice still looks healthy when the life of your arrangement is done, the stems can be removed from the water and hung by the stems to dry. You can hang them with a rubber band or string to a nail, peg board, or cabinet knob. After about a week they will be dried enough to place in a vase without water.


My Favorite Flowers to Purchase from June-October








Lisianthus — Image source: @wildfoxandflower






Globe Amaranth



And remember, no matter where you are, you can always check the “local” label on your bouquet or discuss sustainability with your local florist. They are the experts and will have some great options to brighten up your home!



Megh Wingenfeld—
Farmers & Designer, Wild Fox & Flower
Sustainably farmed, small batch florals located in Northeast Ohio.
Image source: B. Kulklin Photography

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