The Power of The Tree—Arhaus + American Forests

The Power of The Tree—Arhaus + American Forests

In our homes, we love how plants bring color, texture, and calm to our spaces. Outside, we enjoy picnics under the trees, and appreciate when they block the neighbors from view.


Trees are also vital to our lives, and are crucial to maintaining our ecosystem and our economy. Two trees provide enough oxygen for one person to breath over the course of a year. They clean our water, provide materials for our tools and a home for wildlife. Just one square kilometer of forest can house 1,000 different species!

Recently, the UN reported that our world’s biodiversity is in steep decline and 1 million plants and animals are in danger of extinction by 2050. The silver lining is that if we act as if every day is Earth Day, we can all do our part to help the planet recover and thrive.

At Arhaus, we believe it’s so important to protect our natural resources. In everything we build, we seek to do so responsibly—crafting our furniture with eco-friendly foams, using reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced materials. Each piece of furniture is a representation of our love for the planet.

Because it’s just as important to give back as it is to be careful what you take, we’ve built a partnership with American Forests—the nation’s oldest national conservation organization. Since 1990 alone, American Forests has planted over 60 million trees in forest restoration projects in all 50 states. This year, their goal is to plant 1 million new trees.

Through our partnership, we have helped plant over 25,000 trees. That’s over 912,500,000 gallons of drinking water filtered a year, over 1,200,000 pounds of carbon dioxide absorbed per year, and enough oxygen for 12,500 people for one year. Who knew trees could be so powerful?

Thanks to your support, this year we will be planting 27,050 trees to benefit American Forests Kirtland Warbler’s Restoration project.

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