Let’s Paint The Chairs—Arhaus + Cleveland Clinic Children’s

Let’s Paint The Chairs—Arhaus + Cleveland Clinic Children’s

11-year-old Vinny dipped his hands into the green paint and carefully placed them on the white chair. In most instances, you’d get in trouble for getting paint on the furniture—but not on this chair. This chair is special.

The Rio Chair, a gift from Arhaus, stood in the center of a room at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. Along with Vinny’s prints are the hands of many other children, all of whom had gone on long journeys to reach the point where, faces decorated in huge grins, they’d get to do the unthinkable: paint on a chair.

For Vinny, it was a huge celebration. A year ago, he had what just seemed like a headache. However, within hours he was unresponsive and was quickly flown to Cleveland Clinic where it was discovered he had a brain bleed. While the brain surgery was successful, afterwards he was no longer able to walk or talk – at least for now.

The coming months were filled with various forms of therapy. Each day he’d show up with a smile, relearning to do the simple things we take for granted, like form vowels or stand up.  Today he is finally off medication, earning great grades in school and can walk with the help of a posterior walker. As he places his hands on the Rio Chair, it’s a moment of victory, a culmination of all the little victories that brought him here.

At this year’s Cleveland Clinic Children’s Gala he was honored for his bravery with the Courage Award. Every year, the evening is spent honoring the children and caregivers who work tirelessly to overcome medical hurdles. Cleveland Clinic Children’s provides hospital care for over 13,000 children a year, and the funds raised go towards advancing innovating pediatric research. The 2018 gala raised more than 1.6 million.

As for the chair, it was placed at the gala as a symbol of all the children’s journeys. From there it will head to the outpatient center, and then to its permanent location—the Hospital for Rehabilitation.

Arhaus will be doing our part too. To make the hospital for rehabilitation feel the homiest and the coziest, Arhaus will be re-furnishing two family rooms, a play room and an on-call room for physicians to rest in. Additionally, from May 16th-20th, 10% of sales made at the new Legacy Village showroom will go toward the Hospital for Rehabilitation.

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