Give A Little Hope

Give A Little Hope

The Himalayan Hope Home, protecting girls with a safe home & the gift of education.

Good Karma sure has a way of coming back around–especially when that’s your name. Mr. Karma Sherpa, founder of Small World and the Himalayan Hope House in Nepal, has been paying it forward since he began the non-profit organization in 2006.

Born into a family of twelve, it was Karma’s duty, along with his siblings, to help their parents raise Yaks. However, thanks to the kindness of a traveling stranger, Karma became the first person is his village to go to school and receive a bachelor’s degree. It was during this time that he realized what a profound difference education can make in one’s life, and he vowed to help others receive this same world-changing gift.


Six years after starting Small World, aimed at educating and protecting children, he met Arhaus Co-founder John Reed, who was traveling to Nepal for a volunteer experience. While in the High Himalayas he became enamored with the mountain peaks and local people. When it came time to meet some of the girls in Small World’s education project, he was truly blown away.

Resilient, smart, and eager to learn, the girls were a testament to what someone could accomplish if only given a hand. Impoverishment aside, the Nepalese favor sending boys to school and keep the women at home to run the household—however, at Small World they were on their way to becoming leaders, teachers, and doctors.


John realized the work Karma was doing was more than just educating a child or building a house—he was creating a ripple effect where one girl would go on to help and inspire others, and he didn’t have to do it alone.

So began The Himalayan Hope Home, a sanctuary in Kathmandu that houses 40 young girls. Often abandoned, in danger of trafficking, or living in abusive conditions, these girls were in need of more than an education, but a safe place to live, food, and medical care. To this day, Arhaus has provided 70% of the Hope Houses’ expenses and has donated over $220,000—much of which Arhaus employees donated from their own paychecks.


Today, these girls finally know what it means to be in a true, loving family. They go to school, celebrate birthdays, play games, share with and love one another. At 18 when it’s time to move on, they continue their education and become role models not just to other children, but for the less educated adults in their community.

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