Arhaus The Oaks—Music Video Tour

Let Kurt Hugo Schneider take you on a tour of Arhaus, The Oaks, through this innovative, one-take magical music video.

Artists Kurt Hugo Schneider, Kirsten Collins, and Casey Breves performed this Shawn Mendes mashup in one take—meaning while they look calm and collected on camera, they are running behind the scenes, rushing to their next position the entire time.



Our favorite moments include Kirsten, leaning into the light, with the Hemisphere Prism chandelier behind her, and the moment we see Casey sitting at the Luciano dining table when the camera brings them back together, sitting face to face, singing the lines “you’ll never be alone”.



Making this video was hectic and crazy, but the team had a blast! Here are some fun facts from behind-the-scenes:

  • Casey changed three times because he was running so much for the video
  • Kirsten’s simple yet stunning necklace was from Arhaus’s jewelry line
  • Kurt forgot to bring a guitar strap for his bass, so he made one on set with duct tape. Were you able to tell?
  • Casey and Kirsten loved the throws so much, they brought them home with them



Shop our favorite scenes from the video


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1 | 2 | 3 | 4



1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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