Arhaus Bethesda Hosts Transformations Fundraiser

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

At Arhaus, we believe every day is an opportunity to give back and lend a helping hand to the community. This year, Arhaus Bethesda hosted Transformations of Montgomery County’s annual Spring Fundraiser—an event to help raise money for young adults who are aging out of the foster care system.

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

“If I could give you one thought. It would be to lift someone up. Lift a stranger up. The very idea of lifting someone up will lift you, as well.”

—Maya Angelou

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

Transformations works with low-income, single-head-of-household families and children aging out of the foster care system, to help transform their houses into homes. The goal is that families will become stronger, more productive individuals, and a tight knit community will be created.

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

Volunteers help residents by improving space planning, using color effectively, and organizing each room—the details that make a home feel cozy. “What our designers do is go in and find out, for that person, what it would take to make a house a home,” Bethany Portner, Founder and President Emeritus, says about Transformations. What better way to support the growth of our youth than to provide a functional space that lends a sense of dignity to those who have found it in short supply?

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

“Well designed spaces have a healing effect on people.”

—Todd Ezrin, TMC President

With over 100 people in attendance, the Fundraising event was a smashing success. Thank you to everyone who came out to support, including all elected officials and design volunteers.

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

Supporter Mark Bergel, Founder of A Wider Circle, regards Transformations as “a partner in transforming a space to a home.” Mark regularly donates needed furniture to Transformations projects, working closely with Transformations President, Todd Ezrin.

Through all the amazing support, Transformations raised over $20,000 for their 2019 projects, doubling their original goal. “Because of the Fundraiser, we are on track to complete three more projects by the end of this year,” Ezrin says.

A special thank you is extended to everyone that made this event possible: Transformations, the generous donors, Seasons 52, and the Arhaus Bethesda Team that helped host the event.

Photo credit: Marc Warshawsky

Donations of time, furniture, household goods, and financial support are welcome to organizations such as Transformations MC or find an organization near you.

Volunteer. Donate. Transform a life.


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