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Emory Slipcovered Sofa

Another day has come to an end. Dinner is finished and the dishes are put away. The kids are bathed and in bed. For one beautiful moment, the house has settled and your time is yours again. You pour that perfect martini or a glass of California’s best and finally, you sit down with your computer or tablet to shop the latest home fashions. Or maybe you just want to peruse for decorating ideas and inspiration to give your home a new look.

This is a typical day for us. We imagine it’s yours too, or very close. That’s why we created Arhaus Shelter, a place for you to escape the hustle bustle of the outside world and discover everything home, life, art and design related.

It’s a place we built especially for you.

It’s a place where you’ll travel the world with our designers and become immersed in the story behind our furniture.

It’s a place where you’ll meet our artisans and others who inspire us.

It’s a place of color, pattern and decorative detail.

It’s a place of ideation and idea sharing.

This is our haven. Our retreat. Our Shelter. Let it be yours.

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  1. Savern Rollins   October 29, 2013 @ 7:10 pm

    I just love this room, I can imagine my room in my home coming together just like this room. Thank you for showing this beautiful room!