Tricks and Treats to a Healthier Halloween

Tricks and Treats to a Healthier Halloween

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I know what you are thinking, did I say healthy Halloween? Sounds impossible on a holiday centered around collecting candy. However, this trick-or-treating season, try these simple tips to tweak your holiday traditions to incorporate healthy habits for your family and friends.


Piggybacking on our previous post, before heading out on your trick-or-treating adventures, prepare your family a well-balanced and filling meal. Starting with a full tummy encourages healthy eating, good conversation, and children will be less inclined to over-consume. Hopefully, as they are enjoying your well-cooked meal they won’t even realize your hidden agenda.


Long gone are the days of sending your kids off with a pillowcase to fill with as much candy as their hearts desire. That’s what I used when trick-or-treating growing up. Needless to say, I had lots of dental visits. Provide your kids with a small bag or container for their evening to help reduce the candy collection! Teach them to think quality of their candy, versus quantity.


As a kid, my favorite part of Halloween was the journey of trick-or-treating. I loved walking the neighborhood and seeing the festive homes and costumes. Before I knew it, I had walked several miles and was always exhausted! Maximize this opportunity for exercise and encourage kids to bring their step counters or Fitbits. Make it a competition to see who walks the most steps, instead of who collects the most candy!


There’s no shame in bargaining with your kids! We let our kids keep a few of their favorite candies, and offer to buy the rest! That’s right… we usually offer a few dollars in exchange for the contents of their candy basket. You could also allow them to trade in their candy for a toy or book they have been wanting! This is a win-win for both the parents and children!


When buying candy to hand out to those who knock at your door on Halloween, instead consider healthy alternatives. Stores are more aware than ever that families are looking for healthier options to pass out during this candy-driven holiday.  You can easily find pre-packaged pretzel sticks, applesauce, small portioned carrot sticks, and apple slices.  Consider handing out water bottles, to those thirsty trick-or-treaters. Parents will be grateful for your efforts to pass out healthier options too!

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to feel that a healthy Halloween is a possibility for your family this holiday season!


Liz Roth—DesertDecor

Liz lives with her family of 4 in Phoenix, AZ where you can count on sunshine everyday!  She is an interior designer, and home stylist specializing in French Country style.  When she’s not designing you can find Liz instructing her fitness classes all over the valley!  Liz is passionate about fitness, design, food, travel… but most of all her family.


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