Tips and Tricks For Arranging The Perfect Fresh Floral Bouquet

Image source: Megh Wingenfeld

Buying flowers from your farmers market is a beautiful way to get fresh, long lasting flowers and also support your local businesses. But what do you do once you get home? We are here to help you with tips and tricks for arranging the perfect fresh floral bouquet.

At The Market

Image source: Megh Wingenfeld

Each time you arrive at a booth, you’re met with so many textures and fragrances. While it can be overwhelming, talk to the florist about the look or feeling you’re going for, or even where you’re placing the flowers and the size of the vase you’re using.

Do not be afraid to buy flowers at a market if you’re not going to be home right away either. As long as you are not leaving them in a hot car or laying directly in the sun, they should survive the ride home—however if you want to keep them in the best condition, bring a small jar of water for your purchase!

At Home

Image source: Megh Wingenfeld

As soon as you get home, work on getting your flowers into water right away. Think about if you’re going to be using one big vase, or splitting the bouquet up into a few smaller ones. Be sure whatever vase you’ve chosen is clean, and then fill it up with cold water.

Arranging + Upkeep

Next, prep the flowers. Use sharp scissors to cut about ½ inch off each stem. This fresh cut will allow the stem to drink up the water easier. Remove any leaf that would be at or under the water line.

Image source: Megh Wingenfeld

Every few days remove the flowers, give the stems a fresh cut and fill the vase up with fresh water.  This will help prevent bacteria and keep them crisp much longer. Choose a cool place out of direct sunlight for your arrangement.  This should not be in a window or on top of electronics.

Image source: Megh Wingenfeld

When you see blooms that are wilted, you can remove them by just cutting or pinching them off.  Every time you change the vase water, make sure to remove any stems that are no longer fresh.

Image source: Megh Wingenfeld

As with all flowers, there will come a time when they will reach their end. Even though it’s always sad to throw away a beautiful bouquet, this just means you get to head back to the market and start all over again!


Megh Wingenfeld—

Flower farmer, stylist and creative based out of Cleveland, Ohio and Brooklyn, New York.


Image source: B. Kulklin Photography


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