The Perfect Pieces for your College Student


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There is nothing like the start of a new college semester. As summer comes to a close, football season starts, classes begin, and academics become a top priority. However, many of us know that studying comes with a lot of stress. Taking time to ‘unwind’ after a long day of classes, homework, or studying is essential to a balanced lifestyle. Quality rest and relaxation factor into maintaining a good GPA, high exam scores, and waking up on time for class. As a parent, we want to help our students lead healthy lifestyles and do well in college. We picked out a few pieces that are perfect for the hard working college student who values the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

Down time

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Whether it’s a quick nap or getting a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s exam, a comfortable bed can make all the difference. Made from luxurious linens and cozy cotton, our bedding guarantees complete relaxation.

Personal touches

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Make your college student’s living space their home away from home. Incorporate fun decor that fits their personal style. Place Buddha on their desk to keep them “zen” during exams, or add a pouf to create another layer of comfort to their space.

Bright ideas

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Help your college student shine more light on the subject with a fresh new lamp for the school year. Perfect for studying in the dorm and brightens up any space with extra light.

Make space

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Optimizing space is important when living in smaller quarters. Help reduce clutter with stylish storage options.


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