Styling Your Patio For Summer With CityGirlGoneMom

Styling Your Patio For Summer With CityGirlGoneMom

Written by CityGirlGoneMom

Summer is here, and honestly, nothing sounds better than spending these lazy, warm-weather days in the sunshine with fresh air and a cool breeze. Even simple, everyday pleasures like reading a book or sipping a glass of wine are made better by being outside, which is why we love to spend time out on our patio. Having your own outdoor space to bask in the sunlight and enjoy the weather is one of the little luxuries that make a house into a home. Haven’t made your backyard summer-ready yet? These tips and tricks will help you bring the comfort of home to your outdoor patio.

In the Northern Hemisphere summer lasts from the Summer Solstice (June 21) to the Autumnal Equinox (September 23). In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s reversed. Summer lasts from December until March.

Make Your Backyard Part of Your Home

Make your backyard and patio area a livable, functional space. Think of it as an extension of your home, this is a place where you and your family can spend time together—eating, watching movies, playing games—it’s a part of your home, it just happens to be outdoors. Make it a tempting place to sit with big, relaxing seating areas. I love the Spinnaker Outdoor Slipcovered Swivel Chair for the patio, it looks like it belongs inside, but it’s just begging you to curl up on it under the sun.

Marc Antony named the month of July, in honor of Julius Caesar.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Think of your patio as a functioning part of your home, and fill it with comfortable furniture and pieces that you want to spend time sitting and lounging on. Outdoor sectionals, big dining tables, chaise lounges—even a hammock if that’s your vibe. (Try the Crew Outdoor Hanging Chair With Rope for a chic upgrade!) Don’t just acknowledge it as an extension of your home, make it feel like another room in your home. We chose the Root Outdoor Bleached Coffee Table for a natural element that’s still big enough for books, snacks and some fun decor accessories like candles and plants.

To keep the look of your home consistent from the inside out, choose fabric for your sofa and chairs that complement your interior style. The Avalon Outdoor Sofa is big enough for the whole family and with 50 different upholstery colorways, it’s easy to match with your home. If you need help trying to design the space like you would your home, the style experts over at Arhaus can help with everything from layout to fabric selection—I’ve definitely needed their expertise more than once!

All-Weather Accessories

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! Outdoor rugs are an easy and fun way to add a bit of personality and color to your patio area, and they’re so much more comfortable to walk on barefoot than plain concrete. We accessorized with the Carran Indoor/Outdoor Rug which makes the patio feel like another section of the living room. Plus it’s sturdy so the kids can run all over it! Pillows and poufs make furniture feel warm and colorful—they’re just so comfy! We have four of the Arhaus Savoy blue diamond poufs and Soraya poufs for extra seating (or a footrest) and they add great texture to the space. Try a big, beautiful shade umbrella if there’s too much direct sunlight. Pop a unique end table at the bottom of your couch—hey, you have to set your sangria somewhere.<

“Summer” came from the Old English name for that time of year, “sumor.”

Make It Functional All year Long

Now you have a beautiful outdoor patio area that you and your family love! Don’t ditch it for six months when the winter chill starts to hit. Keep your patio warm during the cooler months with a fire pit or fire table. Cozy, soft elements keep everything inviting from July to December. I love tossing my Marled Knit Throw on any piece of furniture for additional warmth and texture. Add a couple of them on a chilly night! These can keep your whole family warm as you curl up outdoors under the stars, snuggled together with some blankets and hot chocolate.


Danielle Lucia Schaffer—City Girl Gone Mom

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