Mixing Color and Pattern with Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co.

We are beyond excited to have Lindsay Jackman from The White Buffalo Styling Co. guest blogging today and sharing her custom design experience with you, not to mention revealing her amazing chairs! Take it away Lindsay…

Unique color and pattern pairings are my absolute favorite part of design. They show up in every room I design and I believe they’re really what makes a space memorable.



We recently renovated and moved into a new house and I have been most excited to decorate the living room. This is the heart of the home for us. We spend our time here as a family and entertain here. So I wanted to give it some extra special love.

The first thing that I found for the room was the rug. With the tall, vaulted ceilings, white walls, and wood beams, I hunted for the perfect colorful rug to inspire the rest of the design.



I loved the variety of colors in this rug and knew it would be the perfect inspiration palette. For balance, I chose to pull out the minority colors in the rug for the other design elements in the room. I stuck to varying shades of blue and green.

I really wanted the fireplace to be the major focal point in the space, so I knew I needed to go dark for contrast. I chose a deep hunter green with just a hint of blue.



When it came time to choose furniture, I immediately pictured patterned, statement chairs. As I said above, mixing colors and patterns is the signature element of my design style.

It was also important that I find a chair with a unique and beautiful shape that was also comfortable. I started perusing Arhaus’ website and immediately fell in love with the shape of the Monroe Upholstered Chair.



The cut-outs on the top of the back cushion, as well as on the bottom corners of the chair really made this stand out. I had never seen a chair quite like it and knew a pair of these would be perfect on either side of my fireplace. The only problem was the fabric.

I actually really like the color and texture to the fabric, but it would not pop against my fireplace and rug as I’d hoped.

Then, I discovered that Arhaus’ has hundreds of custom fabric options for every single upholstered piece. I spent days searching through all of the fabric options that this chair could be made in. The options were endless and all equally gorgeous!



But once I came across this dyed indigo fabric, I knew I’d found it! It met all of my pattern requirements.



I was hoping for something in the blue family to pull the blues up from the rug and contrast against the deep green fireplace, but I didn’t want an all-blue chair. The mix of blue and white in this fabric was perfect. I was also hoping to find a geometric print to contrast against the more organic lines in the rug. I always like pairing straight and curved lines when I’m mixing patterns.

To top it all off, I have an affinity for all things indigo and shibori, so the dyed look of this pattern sent it over the top!



There are even choices on nail head color and the finish on the legs. I chose brass nailheads and a Dark Walnut chair leg. I liked how the brass paired with the fabric and I wanted the legs to sort of disappear into the dark rug.



I knew these chairs would be beautiful, but I was so pleasantly surprised when they came in. They looked even better than I’d hoped and were so comfortable. When I showed my husband a picture of them ahead of time, he’d immediately said, “Those will never be comfortable.” For him, comfort means a very, very over-stuffed recliner.

But after they came in, he sat in them and I haven’t heard a word since. In fact, he actually chooses to sit in them over our couch at times, which he had previously deemed the most comfortable couch ever.



I think we finally found the perfect chair that meets his need for comfort, but also fulfills my need for beautiful, statement-making design. This is my first Arhaus furniture piece and I know it will not be my last. Arhaus is running an upholstery sale right now, so I may just have to go pick out the inspiration piece for the next room I’m going to tackle!

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