It’s Floral February!

It’s Floral February!

Moving into February, we’re seeing trends of florals light up the socialsphere and the smell of love is in the air as we move towards Valentine’s decor. To celebrate the season, we’re taking a new, whimsical approach to February florals—an arrangement on our vintage-style Amelie mirror. Follow along to see how we created this scene, we hope it helps inspire and excite your creativity! Make sure to share your version of the Floral February mirror with @arhaus and #arhausinspired.


Roses – to add a touch of color

Smilax – soft and wispy greenery donated by our Mayesh partner

Ranunculus – to add a whimsical feel

Floral Foam

Floral wire



Prep the flowers: Trim off any excess leaves and stems.

Pro-tip: Achieve maximum fullness by pinching the edges of your flowers to open them up. After, gently blow into the center of the flower to expand the petals.

Build your floral arrangement: Start by attaching your floral foam to your mirror. We used command hooks to secure the pieces. Using foam for this arrangement helps gain flexibility with the flowers while building.

Since this is a large arrangement, we kept the flowers soft, sweet and delicate. Knowing that the final product will have such a large impact, we wanted to keep the arrangement soft so the total picture isn’t overwhelming. Choose greenery and florals that will balance each other out. For us, the airier greenery balanced out the lighter florals.

Always remember to take a step back throughout the process to get a full look at your work!

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