How to Transition From Holiday to Winter Decor

How to Transition From Holiday to Winter Decor

Photography by @DesertDecor

Ready to transition your decor from holiday to winter? Here are a few simple tips to help your space maintain that cozy feeling during the winter season after your holiday decorations have come down, without reinventing the entire room!

Preserve your greenery

Greenery naturally has a wintery feel to it, I recommend keeping some of your neutral holiday greens and swapping out your festive vases for new ones. For me, I added in the Santorini vase from Arhaus—it brightens up the table and makes the space feel fresh!

Replace twinkle lights with candles

When we think of decorating for the holidays, we naturally think of glitter, sparkles, and lights. Replacing your twinkle lights with candles are an easy way to refresh your tabletops without losing the cozy vibe that was once there with the holiday sparkle.

Layer on the throws

Replace your holiday-themed throws for other neutral, cozy ones. the faux fur ones can stay! It’s nice to keep some, like the faux furs 😉, around the house through the remainder of those chilly winter months for you and your guests to snuggle up with.

Bring in a new color

Bring in a pop of winter color (think neutrals and blue hues) to replace the classic, vibrant holiday colors. This helps to easily distinguish between the seasons.

Add texture

Your home will naturally feel empty after all of your holiday decor is put away—add texture to the space with Arhaus poufs for extra seating, along with textured pillows and throws! This will create a new cozy feel that will carry you through long winter nights.



Liz Roth—DesertDecor

Liz lives with her family of 4 in Phoenix, AZ where you can count on sunshine every day!  She is an interior designer, and home stylist specializing in French Country style.  When she’s not designing you can find Liz instructing her fitness classes all over the valley!  Liz is passionate about fitness, design, food, travel... but most of all her family.


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