Easy, Creative Ways to Decorate With House Plants

Easy, Creative Ways to Decorate With House Plants

image source: @ourfauxfarmhouse

We often talk about texture when it comes to decorating a space. You might say plants, with their beautiful colors, and unique shapes, are the original texture. They also brighten up spaces, improve your mood, and purify the air for an all-around win.

Here are a few tips and tricks as you embark upon using plants in your home décor plans.

Use interesting pots to add additional textures and style

Put them on display as artwork or place them out of the way as a delightful surprise to guests when spotted.

image source: @houseonwinchester

Get crafty with plant hangers

Hanging plants are great for small spaces like a reading nook, the bathroom, or your NYC-sized apartment. Hang them off the side of a bookcase or on the back of a door if you don’t want to put a hole in the wall. You can also spice them up with color to really liven up a space.

image source: @citygirlgonemom

DIY macrame hangers are the perfect weekend project and the perfect addition to any space!

Show off the roots

This floral trend roots the plants in water. Just find a clear vessel, snip the plant at the base of a leaf, and place it in freshwater. The result is simple, yet artistic, and they look stunning placed as a centerpiece on any table.

image source: @simones_lifestyle

image source : @_forthehome

Make wall art with hanging baskets

The plant version of a photo wall can look both rustic and modern. Use clear vases for a more contemporary feel, and planters and baskets for more earth or country vibes.

image source: @ourvintagefarmhouse

Check out our houseplant Pinterest board for more inspiration and styling tips!

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