Arhaus DIY:
Unique Shadow Boxes

Arhaus DIY:
Unique Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a unique way to showcase precious items you love. These frames have been used throughout history in museum exhibitions to display memories and showcase accomplishments. They are especially popular among military personnel who use them to carry and display their most treasured belongings.

Jonathon Sheppard, Arhaus Visual Manager, creates shadow boxes out of repurposed materials to showcase beautiful objects found in nature. This project was started at Arhaus headquarters Cleveland Ohio, and can now we seen throughout our 72 showrooms around the country.

Follow along to learn how you can create a unique shadow box of your own!

What You’ll Need

– A vintage exhibit box or old drawer – you can find these at your local donation center, vintage shop, or flea market.

– Scrap Arhaus wallpaper

– Spray adhesive 

– Natural objects found in nature: Think dried flowers, fungal spores, seashells

– Hot glue gun – We recommend a low temperature glue gun for this project

– Glue sticks

How To Make It

First, measure the inside of the frame and cut your scrap wallpaper to the appropriate side. 

Set aside.

Apply your spray adhesive to the inside of the drawer. Let the adhesive sit for a few seconds so it builds a bond to the back of the drawer. After the glue bonds, carefully lay the wallpaper on top.

Once the wallpaper is set, the next step is figuring out the placement of the objects. You can arrange these vertically, horizontally, alternate the direction…whatever your creative heart desires! 

The next step is to add your objects to the frame and glue them down. Using your hot glue gun, simply add glue to the back of your object and gently place it on the wallpaper. Repeat for each object. Let the glue dry completely.

The final step is optional, but if you’d like to display your shadowbox on a wall, we recommend installing a hanging rail. 

Pro tip: use a wide width rail to give you the flexibility to shift the frame around as needed. 

That’s all it takes! Create multiple shadow boxes of varying sizes and style them together for a unique, Arhaus inspired display in your home.

DID YOU KNOW – Arhaus displays are available to purchase in a showroom near you.


Jonathon Sheppard

Jonathon lives in Cleveland, Ohio and is the Arhaus Corporate Mock Store Visual Manager. Originally from Texas,  Jonathon has a background in Interior Design and Theatre. He loves being able to create and design visual projects for the Arhaus Showrooms, exploring Cleveland, hanging out with his “Coaster Crew” at Cedar Point, and of course his dog Oliver.

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