Arhaus DIY:
How to Create a Hanging Centerpiece

Arhaus DIY:
How to Create a Hanging Centerpiece

As the seasons change, we often find ourselves inspired to create new projects and works of art for our home. If you’re looking for a fun project to step up your decor game, this dried flower centerpiece is your next project! It’s simple enough to make and so beautiful that you can’t resist creating it yourself.

What you’ll need

  • Wire mesh
  • Wire cutters
  • Metal wire
  • Wire clippers
  • Dried flowers: Assortment based on personal preference. The Arhaus Corporate Visual, Jonathon, used Italian Ruscus, Eulalia Aurea, Hanging Amaranthus, Marcela, Nigella, Pampas Grass, and Bleached Fern


Determine the width of your centerpiece.  Jonathon recommends doing the width of the wire mesh roll between ½ and ¾  of the size you want your arrangement to be. Choosing the width of your roll will save a good amount of time since there won’t be excess mesh to trim. 

Create multiple layers of wire by rolling it in a relatively loose cylindrical shape. Once you’ve rolled the piece about four times, clip the excess wire. Take the clipped ends and tuck them under the wire, hiding the sharp edges.

Hang your wired frame to the ceiling using clear wire or string.  Jonathon recommends hanging it from 3-4 different points on the piece.

Next, sketch out your desired shape. This will help determine where to place the dried stems to achieve your look.

Now you’re ready to build! Insert your stems diagonally at first—once you begin to build on the piece, it will become easier to fill and you can add stems in different directions!

And voila! Now you have your statement centerpiece! This piece looks perfect over a dining table, smaller pieces can hang over console and end tables as well. Share your new creations with #arhausinmyhouse for a chance to be featured!

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