5 Ways to Refresh Your Space

5 Ways to Refresh Your Space

Adding subtle, yet impactful details is the perfect way to refresh your space from one season to the next. Here are 5 easy decor tips that prove small changes can make a big impact.

Ground Your Space

A rug is the fastest way to make a major impact on the feeling of your room. New color, texture, and pattern sets the tone and defines the vibe.

Incorporate Texture

Add seasonal texture to your home with a soft, cozy throw blanket draped over the arm of your sofa or folded in a vintage basket.

Celebrate Form & Function

Good for so much more than a quick glance before you leave the house, a stylish mirror reflects light to brighten spaces even when the days run short. When it also incorporates handcrafted style and interesting materials, it also reflects your aesthetic.

Add Pattern

Toss pillows are the easiest way to bring in pattern to your home without commitment. Mix in some of your favorite bright colors for a fun summertime look. When fall arrives, swap them out for patterned pillows in jewel tones to add warmth to the atmosphere.

Change the Mood

A quick change to tabletop decor or a shelf can give your room a refresh. Try swapping out sets of candlesticks to showcase new materials and change the mood of the room.