Passion, Love, and Wood Burning—Creating art with Citizen Woodshop

Passion, Love, and Wood Burning—Creating art with Citizen Woodshop

Nothing says art like incorporating the love of a husband and wife into one passion. Trevor and Chelsey Cain, creators of Citizen Woodshop, share not only their lives together but their careers. The couple specializes in creating art using the process of wood burning—take a closer look at their work as we tour behind the scenes of their woodshop.

In the spring of 2015, the two merged Chelsey’s graphic design background with Trevor’s woodworking skills to create these unique works of art. Each piece is inspired by the world around them—with geography and nature taking the forefront of their designs.

Trevor’s creativity comes center stage when designing the canvas—made of multiple, carefully chosen boards, each unique and an art form on it’s own. He arranges the grain and knots to complement the image that will be burned onto his homemade canvas. After the wood is selected, each piece is run through a planer to adjust the thickness, then cut to size. The wooden planks are then bonded together to create the canvas.

“How incredible that the natural wood grain itself combines with the actual image.” – Trevor

This unique feature of Trevor and Chelsey’s work is subtle, yet vital in the outcome of their pieces. “We are actually making the canvas for the image,” Trevor comments. Creating the canvas in-house ensures that the product is made of the highest quality from start to finish. 

While the canvas is created by Trevor, Chelsey works to design the image that will be burned into the wood. Many of her designs are inspired by nature—with our Tree Bark wall art being inspired by a tree in her own backyard! Once Chelsey has finished perfecting the design, the wood burning begins!

The burning process can take up to six hours. After which time,Trevor sands off the char, stains the piece, add a clear finish, and puts the metal bars and additional support across the back of the canvas. This last step is crucial to avoid the wood from bowing over time. The two are proud to say that their finished art is 100% local, with the metal sourced from a Cleveland based metal company and the wood coming from the local Amish community.


“Each work of art will never fade, it will only get deeper and richer with time.” – Chelsey

As Trevor says,  “Wood is a timeless medium.” These classic pieces look great with any style home. Look for Citizen Workshop pieces in an Arhaus showroom near you, or check them out online at


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