Natural Revival – Happy Earth Day 2017

In the same enchanting Mexican village where thousands of monarch butterflies migrate every year, you’ll also find some of the best coppersmiths in the world. These craftsmen have been passing down time-tested methods of artistry for generations—close to 400 years.

Influenced by nature and the nuances of the landscape that surrounds them, the coppersmiths take discarded and recycled pieces of copper and melt them down in large cauldrons over a fire. By using copper that would have otherwise been left to oxidize and deteriorate, the artisans preserve and revive rich, beautiful pieces of nature—as well as save materials that would have been sourced from the Earth.

Once the copper is melted down, it is then transferred into molds and allowed to harden into sheets. Afterwards, the sheets of copper are fitted onto our tabletops, hand-rubbed, and pounded over 3,500 times in a circular pattern to achieve a unique finish. Upon completion, each copper table is hand-stamped with a butterfly to signify its transformation into a stunning masterpiece.

Our Recycled Metal Collection has become one of our favorite stories of artistry, sustainability, and style coming together to create something beautiful.

See the transformation for yourself:

Copper Collection from Arhaus Furniture on Vimeo.

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