Monochromatic Moods—Behind the Design With Arhaus

Monochromatic Moods—Behind the Design With Arhaus

Our designers take you through what we love about this Arhaus scene.

I admire everything about this look— it’s an elegant space mother’s long for, with the durability that allow parents to breathe easy. This room is the antithesis of the “and this is why we can’t have nice things” talk.

Why it works

For those who crave the calm, this space creates that feeling through its predominantly monochromatic color palette. That’s not to say you’ll get bored with it—the varying textures keep your eyes interested and moving.

That rug though! This beautiful Nadia rug adds just the right amount of spice to this fine dining experience. Handcrafted by a family of Artisans in India, each is unique and elevates the level of craft in a room.

Like a healthy heartbeat, this space is well curated with alternating heights-from the towering Tavola hutch and buffet, to the Alice and Scala chairs. This helps to maintain a sense of balance and organization you’ve been working toward. This room beckons the whole family to gather and stay awhile.

Mix it up

Try swapping the Scala chairs for the Adele’s in Weathered Velvet Steel to create a more warm, European vibe and really pull out the colors in the Nadia rug.

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Gracey Snow—Arhaus Interior Designer

Gracey lives in Austin, Texas-the land of casual clothes, the best music, and the sweetest people. She is an Interior Designer who loves British TV shows, travel, and most of all meeting new people.

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