Intentional Serenity—Behind the Design With Arhaus

Intentional Serenity—Behind the Design With Arhaus

Our designers take you through what we love about this Arhaus scene.

In a world that is constantly in a hurry, this room invites you to pause and experience a sense of serenity. From the warm tones in the luxurious Lincoln Ash leather that cover this gorgeous Radford sectional, to the sturdy solid mahogany of the Griggs chair, this space will make you want to put your phone away and just enjoy the present.

Why it works

Welcome guests, into an atmosphere created by cozy layers of chevron faux fur, linen pillows, and the silky soft Trellis rug hand-spun from bamboo silk, wool and cotton. Less is not more when it comes to textures, be fearless in adding and mixing them.

Designed to stand the test of time in durability and style, this room is made up of foundational pieces—like the Divya cabinet, with its traditional detail and contemporary shape, and the craftsman-built Radford sectional—that will gracefully withstand the storm of trends and spills. No more fearing refreshments in the living room when you opt for a leather sofa!

This space maintains a cohesive atmosphere procured by a connecting color—the black found in the wonderful feather prints, silk velvet pillow, and the sofa legs and coffee table. At a glance there is an instantaneous feeling of organization and intentionality.

Mix it up

To evolve this look for my personal style, I would swap the Griggs chair for two Nadine chairs, and the feather prints for our Florence map. It would stay true to the original look, but as someone who entertains often, the additional seat is a must, and the map is a fun way to add in personal significance to a room.

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Gracey Snow—Arhaus Interior Designer

Gracey lives in Austin, Texas-the land of casual clothes, the best music, and the sweetest people. She is an Interior Designer who loves British TV shows, travel, and most of all meeting new people.

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