Inspired by Nature—Meet the new Sycamore Cabinet

Inspired by Nature—Meet the new Sycamore Cabinet

Strength, protection, and divinity—all symbols of the Arhaus Sycamore cabinet—represent one of our newest creations inspired by a native Ohio tree. 

Douglas Davis, one of Arhaus’ own Product Designers, was inspired by the beautiful curves and natural elements of sycamore trees found in his own backyard. Out of the dozens of fallen branches, he handpicked the perfect one and used it as the blueprint for the hand-cast door pulls on the cabinet. 


This cabinet carries a strong presence, just like the Sycamore trees that stand in Douglas’ yard.

It embodies the true meaning of strength—from the wood, which is hand-stained using our Furrowed Earth finish, to the branch itself, made from stainless steel and finished with a muted brass tone that complements the dark tones of the wood.

“Nature is such an important part of the pulse of America.”

—Douglas Davis, Arhaus Product Designer

This piece represents  Arhaus as a company. The intricacy and delicate labor put into this piece showcase the power of the Sycamore, of nature, and of the cabinet itself.

Image source: @GettyImages


For Douglas, this piece is personal and intimate. To him, the Sycamore Cabinet is a breath of fresh air, and reminds him to step away and take in the moment.  

“It’s refreshing to feel small sometimes.”

Seeing these large, historic parts of nature, we’re reminded of the fact that not everything has to be so…big. “Right now, things that get attention are things that are big,” Douglas comments, “it’s refreshing to feel small sometimes.” 


This unique design reminds us of the history of the Sycamore trees. Douglas points out that these trees have seen much more than any person on this earth has, and they have not only survived but flourished. To Douglas, this cabinet is a constant reminder to level our minds and remember what is truly important.

“They were born before me and they will remain after.”

To see the Sycamore cabinet yourself, and to experience the magic behind it, head to or to an Arhaus location.

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