Creating Arhaus Watercolor Scenes With Maizie Clarke

Creating Arhaus Watercolor Scenes With Maizie Clarke

Each Arhaus catalog is artfully crafted to tell our story through thoughtful product, design, and composition. It’s created to inspire—often used by our customers and designers as a guide for helping turn a house into a home. In the case of Maizie Clarke, a talented artist based in Louisville, Kentucky, Arhaus environments have inspired some of her recent projects as the subject for her art.

Artwork by Maize Clarke | Interior Design by Gretchen Black

Maize is a trained interior and exhibition designer who enjoys illustrating the built environment through watercolor.  For Maize, watercolor painting helps bring to life the warmth and whimsy she strives to capture from each unique house portrait.

“I love illustrating Arhaus interiors because the individual pieces are unique, they layer well with existing pieces, avoiding a generic look and fit with a variety of different styles.”


Her Arhaus environment paintings combine Maizie’s design knowledge and her passion for illustration. She begins by sketching out the form, then artfully layers in each element of design. 

Artwork by Maize Clarke | Interior Design by Kindred Vintage

“I admire Arhaus’ commitment to quality as well as their dedication to functionality, that’s important to me with my own company—we create wholesale collections for museums and corporations—high-quality pieces that are also durable to use every day.”


Finding something you connect with is the key to being inspired, and that key can unlock amazing things—from a photo of a room that brings you joy, to a whimsical custom home portrait.

Check out more of Maizies work at or on IG @maizieclarke!



Maizie Clarke

Maizie Clarke provides gifts that delight both the giver and the receiver. The namesake of the business, Maizie Clarke, has spent years honing her craft through her arts education and practice. Starting as a side business illustrating whimsical, custom house portraits, Maizie has grown and expanded her portfolio to include boutiques, hotels, and museums. She still finds joy in creating custom gifts, but has brought to life colorful wholesale collections and custom wholesale solutions for many different types of clients.

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