Chocolate Copper: A Rich History of Design

Chocolate Copper: A Rich History of Design

Written by Chris Wille—Product Developer – Dining

Inspired by the artistry passed down through generations of metal workers, our chocolate copper collections celebrate a rich history of design detail. Local artists have become masters of their trade, learning the craft of reusing semi-precious metals and reimagining their form to create beautiful, durable and unique pieces that last a lifetime.



The depths of chocolate copper are unending, and its creation is magical. Unlike traditional copper tables, chocolate copper adopts its hue from firing the underside of the table top, bringing forth rich, deep tones to the surface.

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Tonal variations come to life through this process, ranging from deep merlots, ambers, cocoas, and chestnuts and sometimes even a hint of peacock-colored oxidations compel through the flames. This unique process results in a dramatic and one-of-a-kind piece of art, to be admired and envied by all.


Crafted by Mexican metal artisans, our chocolate copper surfaces are rustic with warm colors and hand-touched detailing. Each piece is carefully formed from solid panels of recycled metals that are hand-pounded onto hardwood surfaces. Recycled copper panels are held over an open flame to produce unique coloring and lacquered to preserve the metal’s natural tone.

Upon completion, each piece is stamped with a Monarch butterfly to signify its transformation and to honor the artisans and the village responsible for its creation.
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