All Natural Beauty—Behind the Design With Arhaus

All Natural Beauty—Behind the Design With Arhaus

Our designers take you through what we love about this Arhaus scene.

A natural beauty, this breakfast area invites you to take a moment to just be. There is an understated luxury here, with it’s gorgeous blue stone in contrast with the soft, cozy tibetan throws.

Why it works

The style and details of the Luca set and Cecilia chairs follow the fanciful look of their environment. While the Elena shade pendant and the worn paint detail balance the room for an approachable and casual design—so all feel welcome.

This look is one that can stand the test of time, in both durability and style. Unlike the time you walked into a room that made your mind scream “have I stumbled back into the 90’s?”, this hand-carved pedestal base made from reclaimed pine is a design we have seen throughout the ages. So when it is time to update your breakfast room in years to come you won’t have to replace your foundational pieces due to them feeling dated.


Texture, texture, texture, read all about it! This room engages and relaxes with it’s differing textures that keep your mind interested, but your eyes settled. The details are not the details, rather they are the ingredients that create a beautiful design. For this room that would be the metallic accents from the Freya vases, painted textures in the Luca buffet and table, along with the lovely tibetan throws. This room is a portrait of perfection!

Mix it up

I am always craving a little pattern. so for this room, I would opt for the Sofia Bell’arte Demilune cabinet in the Uccello Nero. It honors the timeless style of this look, while giving a little bit more of an artistic story.

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Gracey Snow—Arhaus Interior Designer

Gracey lives in Austin, Texas-the land of casual clothes, the best music, and the sweetest people. She is an Interior Designer who loves British TV shows, travel, and most of all meeting new people.

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