A Story to Tell—Behind the Design with Arhaus

A Story to Tell—Behind the Design with Arhaus

A home is the composition of many stories. This is my favorite thing about interior design. When guests walk into your home they should learn something about you-your favorite colors, what is important to you, who you love and treasure. The space should speak to you and of you. 

Rightfully so, society is currently taking a look around and asking if we are being good stewards of this beautiful world we get to enjoy, and if we are preserving and caring for it for those who will come after us. 

We can do better.

All of our choices matter. 

Who we buy from and what we get—will it stand the test of time stylistically and durability wise? This room will. Arhaus designs will. 

Diving into this gorgeously assembled look the foundation begins with the Kipton sectional. Hand built and sourced in beautiful North Carolina using wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. If you don’t build a sofa well it becomes part of a growing problem of “disposable furniture” that only lasts a couple of years and then is thrown away, dramatically contributing to the issue of overfilled landfills.

Walking around the workroom in North Carolina, you will find something missing-trash cans! All scraps are recycled. Arhaus is truly working to furnish a better world. Both people and the planet are protected in the way products are sourced.

And you thought you were just buying a sofa, no indeed!

You are also contributing to making the world a better place.


I love how within this look you experience a new and refreshed design while also holding to the comfort and assurance of the old, like with this one of a kind vintage rug paired with the Kipton sectional. Honoring and celebrating the work of craftsmen from generations ago by using these unique pieces again. Like a fine wine, these rugs only get better with age. Speaking of fine wine, the Merlot tones of the Flores coffee table work so well to contrast the Kipton sofa and draw out the earthy tones in the rug, creating a bright and comforting ambiance.

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Adding a little fiery fun to the look, the Chalo bar cabinet coloring is literally created by Artisans in Mexico throwing the recycled sheet of copper over an open fire, letting the flames be the painter of each unique design. Completing and maintaining this look, the hand-hammered copper bowl resting on the Flores coffee table is a piece that will start the conversation of the sustainable design of this look. 



Gracey Snow—Arhaus Interior Designer

Gracey lives in Austin, Texas-the land of casual clothes, the best music, and the sweetest people. She is an Interior Designer who loves British TV shows, travel, and most of all meeting new people.

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