Blogger Anna Moseley brings the comforts of her living room to a new outdoor patio

Hi everyone, I’m Anna from Ask Anna! Two years ago my husband and I bought a fixer upper and we’ve slowly been renovating every room in the house. We love to entertain year round so this summer we decided it was time for us to do something with all the wasted space in our backyard. We expanded our deck, installed an outdoor kitchen and an attached outdoor living room, which is what I’m here to show you today!

Here’s what the space used to look like.



The yellow swing was fun but it was rotting out from being sprayed by the sprinklers and there was so much wasted space filled with just dirt and bushes. We ripped everything out and here’s what it looks like now!



When I look at these before and after pictures I still have a hard time believing it’s the same space! I knew in the living room I wanted it to feel cozy and elegant, just like an inside living room, which meant adding lots of layers and textures.

The first item I fell in love with was the Louise Chandelier. It’s technically an indoor chandelier but the texture and color of it made it the perfect inspiration piece for our outdoor living room.



Once I had my inspiration piece the rest was easy. Next was finding a sofa that looked cozy, and would beckon my guests to sit, have a drink and hangout awhile. The Wyatt Outdoor 3-piece in Dry Bark was perfect.




I love that it’s super cozy and has nice clean lines that make my space look elegant and inviting. I paired the sofa with a DIY coffee table, made from the same tropical wood as our outdoor kitchen, and then added some beautiful accessories, like the Calypso large and small lanterns and the Calypso Cut-out Lantern.




Now that our outdoor kitchen and living room are done all I want to do is hangout there! It’s warm, inviting and the perfect place to entertain all year!

Thank you for stopping by to see my outdoor living room, I hope it inspired you to add some living space to your outdoor areas. Just remember when you’re decorating outdoor spaces to treat them like indoor rooms and you’ll end up with a living area that you’ll enjoy for years to come!


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