The holidays mean coming back indoors and huddling around our favorite parts of the home. Whether it’s the dining room table or living room hearth, harvesting all of our favorite things is one of the perfectly endearing parts of fall. Of course, when it comes to the holidays, nothing is more in abundance than friends and family. Whether it’s the last minute guests or the ones you’ve been planning on since late-July, now’s the time to start thinking about getting your home in order for the season ahead.


Friend and Arhaus-lover Kelle Hampton knows all about getting her home organized for fall.We recently sent her some furniture for her living room just in time for the holidays and she shared her experience on her blog Enjoying The Small Things. She says,



Fist comes love, then comes marriage. Warm weather always seems to bring with it a wedding invitation or two… and with good reason. Who could resist cake when love is in the air?

We recently had the opportunity to team up with a local cupcake shop to sponsor a Cleveland-area wedding. More and more brides are trading in the perfectly trimmed white icing for something a bit more non-traditional. And non-traditional doesn’t end with the cake—more and more couples are adding a bit more personality to their wedding days to showcase who “they” really are as a couple. It seems the pressed white linens and china-filled registries of yesteryear are being traded in for something more rustic and authentic… and we couldn’t be happier about it!