With the kids back in school and temperatures starting to drop, it’s easy to fall in love with the outdoors again. With nature’s biggest show of the year right around the corner, it’s time to bring some of that magic indoors—and to your desktop.


Petra is one of our newest designs but has elements that are thousands of years old. Its unique fossilized wood has laid beneath layers of mud and ash in the Central Philippines for ages and showcases distinct, varying color and texture. Its unique look and rich story makes Petra the perfect piece of nature for this month’s desktop background.


When the days get longer and the air turns crisp, we want to get back indoors. We find our favorite spot on the sofa, grab a good book and settle in for what’s sure to be a season full of nights spent indoors and days spent enjoying all of fall’s finest offerings.


Be it luscious apples for tarts and treats or pumpkins to spice and spook, nature is always at its most glamorous in the fall. This year, we’re bringing some of that glamour indoors to give your home a chance to share the spotlight.


Our new collection of leather features sustainable tanneries from all over the world


In a small tannery in the hills of Italy, a father and son have been passing down old-world leather techniques for generations. Part of their commitment to quality is using sustainable resources and techniques that align closely with our own. Tanned for superior softness and durability, our new Anilina and Déjà Vu leathers are unlike any other. We worked closely with these Italian artisans to create a product exclusive to Arhaus—you won’t find these leathers anywhere else on the market.