In the same enchanting Mexican village where thousands of monarch butterflies migrate every year, you’ll also find some of the best coppersmiths in the world. These craftsmen have been passing down time-tested methods of artistry for generations—close to 400 years.

Influenced by nature and the nuances of the landscape that surrounds them, the coppersmiths take discarded and recycled pieces of copper and melt them down in large cauldrons over a fire. By using copper that would have otherwise been left to oxidize and deteriorate, the artisans preserve and revive rich, beautiful pieces of nature—as well as save materials that would have been sourced from the Earth.


Our new collection of leather features sustainable tanneries from all over the world


In a small tannery in the hills of Italy, a father and son have been passing down old-world leather techniques for generations. Part of their commitment to quality is using sustainable resources and techniques that align closely with our own. Tanned for superior softness and durability, our new Anilina and Déjà Vu leathers are unlike any other. We worked closely with these Italian artisans to create a product exclusive to Arhaus—you won’t find these leathers anywhere else on the market.



Fist comes love, then comes marriage. Warm weather always seems to bring with it a wedding invitation or two… and with good reason. Who could resist cake when love is in the air?

We recently had the opportunity to team up with a local cupcake shop to sponsor a Cleveland-area wedding. More and more brides are trading in the perfectly trimmed white icing for something a bit more non-traditional. And non-traditional doesn’t end with the cake—more and more couples are adding a bit more personality to their wedding days to showcase who “they” really are as a couple. It seems the pressed white linens and china-filled registries of yesteryear are being traded in for something more rustic and authentic… and we couldn’t be happier about it!